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Vol 8, No 1 (2015)
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Complicated folded structures were recently recorded by radar survey in the lower portions of the Antarctic and Greenland ice sheets. From a geological point of view the Antarctic and Greenland ice sheets are considered as geological features, while the ice is classified as sedimentary or metamorphic rock. In this regard the genesis of the ice sheets is analyzed from the perspective of geodynamics and metamorphism, and complicated folded structures on radar profiles are interpreted as tectonic and metamorphic structures. This study considers the processes of three kinds of tectonic structures: glacial diapirs, glacial diapir folds and glacial intrusions. Radar profiles not only capture ice flow structure but can also detect the thermobaric field in ice sheet, and in this case the complicated folded structures are interpreted as representative of recorded metastable boundaries of ice recrystallization.
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Agricultural sector in Serbia is characterized by low competitiveness, as well as by domination of small agricultural husbandries of low productivity and production intensity. The authors of the paper, based on secondary sources, i.e. the analysis of numerous domestic and foreign documents in the field of agriculture, economic and rural development, provide state analysis of agricultural sector in Serbia, as well as a proposal of measures for improvement of this production and development of competitive and attractive rural regions.
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Bibliometric analyses based on citations are most often at the forefront where scientific publications are concerned. A fact often neglected is that the visibility and availability of scientific publications are basic prerequisites for future reading, citation and influence. Journal visibility can be significantly improved by providing open access and availability through popular online databases. In this study, we investigated 112 mapping science journals to determine the visibility of scientific publications in a smaller interdisciplinary field. In addition to other data, we collected data on open access, indexing, subject areas within the Web of Science and Scopus bibliographic databases and the number of journals in these databases. The coverage of mapping science journals in 14 bibliographic databases was analyzed. Only 11% of the titles from the journals analyzed were indexed in 10 or more databases. Google Scholar, Scopus, Bibliotheca Cartographica and GEOBASE include most mapping science journals, while only 19 are included in Web of Science. A comparison indicates more thorough coverage of an individual journal in Web of Science than in Scopus. Only a few mapping science journals appear in the Directory of Open Access Journals, despite the large number of open access mapping science journals available. Adding subject categories within databases does not facilitate finding mapping science journals, which are dispersed among numerous, mostly inadequate categories in the Web of Science and Scopus databases.


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This article is based on extensive biogeochemical research conducted in Moscow’s Eastern Administrative District, where motor-vehicle traffic and heavy industry have resulted in some of the highest levels of pollution in the city. For this study, 26 samples of maple leaves (Acer platanoides) and 49 samples of dandelion leaves (Taraxacum officinale)
were collected on a regular grid at 500–700 m intervals. Concentrations of Fe, Mn, Mo, Cd, Pb, Zn, Cu, As and Sb in these plants were measured using atomic absorption spectrometry after washing, drying and HNO3 + H2O2 digestion. Maples accumulated Sb9,7As4,6Mo2,2Fe2,0Zn1,5 Pb1,4Cu1,2, while dandelions accumulated Mo12,7Pb4,9Cd4,4Fe4,3As3,9Sb2,7Cu1,4 — normalized to concentrations in background samples from an unpolluted site west from Moscow. The plants’ geochemical specialization was detected and compared in the following land-use areas: industrial, traffic, recreational, agricultural, and high-, mid-, and low-rise residential development. For maples, the highest concentration factor levels were found in industrial areas, with accumulations of Sb19As2,4Mo1,7Zn1,7Fe1,5Cu1,4Pb1,4. These levels were 2–5 times
lower for maples in other land-use areas. Dandelions and maples do not accumulate Mn
because of antagonism between Zn, Mo and Mn in soils. Copper is not concentrated by
herbaceous species because of antagonism between Mo and Cu. Differences in  eochemical specialization were shown using the Sb/Mo ratio: in dandelions this was 5 times lower than in background samples, while in maples it was 4.5 times higher. A Zv ratio was used to evaluate the intensity of biogeochemical transformation in urban plants. The highest Zv ratios were found in plants near industrial zones and large roads.
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Exposure to cold weather has negative consequences on human health. Studies have been showing that the seasonality of mortality has an evident peak during winter months in European countries. However, the highest increases in mortality are registered in countries with mild winters. According to several studies winter deaths seem to be associated with low socioeconomic conditions. The main aims of this study are to identify the trends of mortality due to diseases of the circulatory system and excess winter deaths in Portugal and to assess the geographical pattern of seasonal mortality. In the 20 years under analyses, mortality due to diseases of the circulatory system increased 38% during winter months when compared to the non-winter period. Important regional disparities were found, the Excess Winter Death index ranged from 21% to 48%, the central regions tend to have better results. Our results indicate that although circulatory mortality is significantly decreasing in
Portugal, the vulnerability to seasonal cold weather remains as an important public health
issue. These findings suggest that the exposure to cold weather is an important determinant
of cardiovascular diseases that is still neglected in Portugal.


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The objective of this paper is to demonstrate the ability of visualization and
simulation techniques to aid and simulate current and future directions in coastal planning.
The process of visualization will interrogate the coastal cities of Portland, Apollo Bay, Anglesea and Hobsons Bay in south-eastern Australian coastal seaboard through a progression of projections and simulated forecasts from 2014 to 2050 to see if a process(s) or methodology could help in planning the future growth of coastal settlements. The analysis uses Geographic Information Systems (GIS) associated with planning application software.
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Designing a road in the Arctic (Greenland) which stretches 157 km between the towns of Sisimiut and Kangerlussuaq was very challenging. Difficult climatic and geotechnical conditions and presence of permafrost required some in-depth analysis and research. Geotechnical investigations were conducted along the entire route. The investigations included field geological and geophysical studies and survey using aerial photography.
Based on the investigations a digital model of the area 2 km Ѕ 170 km was prepared. Using a Novapoint software a detailed geometric model was created which allowed for calculations
of the volume of earthworks and creation of transverse and longitudinal sections of the road. A virtual model of the entire road and a movie were made based on the results of all investigations.

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