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We present a multi-archival mean annual quantitative temperature reconstruction for Northeastern Europe covering the period of the past two millennia based on tree-ring, pollen, and historical data. This reconstruction was developed primarily to build up a comparative chronology of climatic and historical events in the study region. Five different calibration and verification approaches were used. A comparison of mean decadal temperature reconstruction for Northeastern Europe with those for larger regions and the Hemisphere shows that larger climatic events were visible both in the whole Northern Hemisphere and its separate regions. Less significant climatic events on a regional level may differ considerably from the overall climate signature on the hemispheric level. Highest pre-industrial mean annual temperatures in AD 981-990 were 1,0°C warmer and lowest in AD 1811-1820 were 1,3°C colder than average in AD 1951-1980. The new reconstruction shows much higher degree of variability as compared to Panarctic and hemispheric reconstructions.

About the Authors

Vladimir Klimenko
Moscow Power Engineering Institute, Moscow, Russia
Russian Federation

Vladimir Matskovsky
Institute of Geography, Russian Academy of Sciences, Moscow, Russia
Russian Federation

Dittmar Dahlmann
Rhenish Friedrich-Wilhelm University, Bonn, Germany
Russian Federation


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