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The National Atlas of the Arctic is a set of spatio-temporal information about the geographic, ecological, economic, historical-ethnographic, cultural, and social features of theArcticcompiled as a cartographic model of the territory. The Atlas is intended for use in a wide range of scientific, management, economic, defense, educational, and public activities. The state policy of theRussian Federationin the Arctic for the period until 2020 and beyond, states that the Arctic is of strategic importance forRussiain the 21st century. A detailed description of all sections of the Atlas is given. The Atlas can be used as an information-reference and educational resource or as a gift edition.

About the Authors

Nikolay S. Kasimov
Lomonosov Moscow State Universty
Russian Federation
Professor, full member of Russian Academy of Sciencesis Head of the Department of Landscape Geochemistry and Soil Geography since 1987; since 2015 he is the President of the Faculty of Geography, Lomonosov Moscow State University.

Vladimir M. Kotlyakov
Institute of Geography, Russian Academy of Sciences
Russian Federation

Dmitry N. Krasnikov
Joinet-Stock Company “Roscartography”
Russian Federation

A. N. Krayukhin
Joinet-Stock Company “Roscartography”
Russian Federation

Vladimir S. Tikunov
Lomonosov Moscow State Universty
Russian Federation
Faculty of Geography


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Kasimov N.S., Kotlyakov V.M., Krasnikov D.N., Krayukhin A.N., Tikunov V.S. NATIONAL ATLAS OF THE ARCTIC. GEOGRAPHY, ENVIRONMENT, SUSTAINABILITY. 2018;11(1):51-57.

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