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Special issue: «Border and Coastal Areas of Greater Eurasia: Environmental and Socio-economic Challenges»
European countries’ typology by the intensity of transboundary cooperation and its impact on the economic complexity level (6-15)
Göran Roos, Ksenia Y. Voloshenko, Tatiana E. Drok, Yury M. Zverev

Russian-Estonian border in the context of post-soviet ethnic transformations (16-20)
Andrei G. Manakov, Jaak Kliimask

The potential for development of Russian-Polish cross-border region (21-28)
Tadeusz Palmowski, Gennady M. Fedorov

The Sayan borderlands: Tuva’s ethnocultural landscapes in changing natural and sociocultural environments (29-36)
D. A. Dirin, Paul Fryer

Coastal zones of modern Russia: delimitation, parametrization, identification of determinants and vectors of Eurasian dynamics (37-45)
Alexander G. Druzhinin, Tatyana Yu. Kuznetsova, Andrey S. Mikhaylov

Arctic entrepreneurship development factors (46-56)
Alexander N. Pilyasov

Transboundary regions of East Asia: geographical and political preconditions and limitations to long-term development (57-63)
P. Ya. Baklanov, M. T. Romanov

Neighbourhood and perceptions in small cities on different Russian borders (64-73)
Maria V. Zotova, Anton A. Gritsenko

Cross-border cooperation on the EU-Russian borders: results of the program approach (74-83)
Alexander B. Sebentsov

Multiple borders of Nagorno-Karabakh (84-91)
Vladimir A. Kolosov, Maria V. Zotova

Special Issue "Spatiotemporal Analysis in Medical and Veterinary Geography"
Elena A. Grigorieva, Anna B. Sukhoveeva

Spatial patterns of adverse birth outcomes among black and white women in Massachusetts – the role of population-level and individual-level factors (99-106)
Yelena A. Ogneva-Himmelberger, Madeline Haynes

Climatic and topographic tolerance limits of wild boar in Eurasia: implications for their expansion (107-114)
Jaime Bosch, Irene Iglesias, Marta Martínez, Ana de la Torre

Emerging and re-emerging natural focal diseases of European Russia (typological classification of nosological profiles and dynamics of incidence) (115-127)
Svetlana M. Malkhazova, Polina V. Pestina, Vladimir S. Tikunov

Mortality from cardiovascular diseases in the municipalities of mainland Portugal: spatiotemporal evolution between 1991 and 2017 (128-133)
Ricardo Almendra, Paula Santana

Zoning of the republic of Kazakhstan as to the risk of natural focal diseases in animals: the case of rabies and anthrax (134-144)
Sarsenbay K. Abdrakhmanov, Yersyn Y. Mukhanbetkaliyev, Fedor I. Korennoy, Kanatzhan K. Beisembayev, Ablaikhan S. Kadyrov, Anar M. Kabzhanova, Julie Adamchick, Gulzhan N. Yessembekova

Urban transformation of a post-soviet coastal city: the case of Saint Petersburg (145-158)
Dmitry V. Zhitin, Stanislav S. Lachininskii, Anna A. Mikhaylova, Alexander V. Shendrik

New trends in urban environmental health research: from geography of diseases to therapeutic landscapes and healing gardens (159-171)
Diana Dushkova, Maria Ignatieva

A variation of stable isotope composition of snow with altitude on the Elbrus mountain, Central Caucasus (172-182)
Yurij Vasil’chuk, Julia Chizhova, Natalia Frolova, Nadine Budantseva, Maria Kireeva, Alexander Oleynikov, Igor Tokarev, Ekaterina Rets, Alla Vasil’chuk

Periglacial gully erosion on the east European plain and its recent analog at the Yamal peninsula (183-194)
Alexey Yu. Sidorchuk, Tatiana A. Matveeva

Analysis of the current state of unstable geomorphological structures with modern methods (195-199)
Vyacheslav V. Dolotov, Yuri N. Goryachkin, Andrey V. Dolotov

Geophysical analysis of landscape polystructures (200-213)
Vladislav V. Sysuev

Microbiological indicators and heavy metal concentration in ecological assessment of urban soils of Saint Petersburg, Russia (214-223)
Natalia N. Matinian, Anastasia L. Gusareva, Kseniia A. Bakhmatova, Anastasia A. Sheshukova

Leaves of trees and shrubs as bioindicators of air pollution by particulate matter in Saint Petersburg (224-232)
Nataliia V. Terekhina, Margarita D. Ufimtseva

Black carbon in spring aerosols of Moscow urban background (233-243)
Olga B. Popovicheva, Elena Volpert, Nikolay M. Sitnikov, Marina A. Chichaeva, Sara Padoan

Beauty and personal care transnationalization: main changes in its spatial structure (244-250)
Tatiana Gladenkova

Green infrastructure indicators for urban planning: applying the integrated approach for Russian largest cities (251-259)
Oxana A. Klimanova, Olga I. Illarionova

Particle size partitioning of metals in humus horizons of two small erosional landforms in the middle Protva basin – a comparative study (260-271)
Olga A. Samonova, Elena N. Aseyeva