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Perspectives Of Popularization Of Oceanographic Information Systems Based On Internet

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The Internet version of the interactive geoinformation system names as «Crimea Sea Coast» based on javascript programming language and the modern open library «leaflet» is described. Development of a product supposed to use of the modern vector graphics technologies, such as D3, Flot and other superstructures over javascript. The main attention is paid to operational representation of full-scale results observations with assessment of Crimea coastal zone dynamics in general. Options of such approach are already realized with use of data on measurement of coast line position of the northwest coast now. In addition, the system reserves the special section described the basis and results of the implementation of the previously developed cadastral assessment of the Crimea beaches, including their recreational areas, economic assessment of recreational resources, as well as the results of comprehensive interdisciplinary monitoring of Sevastopol Bay environmental condition for the period from 1998 to the present, including a cartographic representation of the geographical elements of the region as a whole. The results of monitoring allow to realize visualization of spatial distributions of hydrological, hydrochemical and hydrobiological characteristics of the bay sea environment in the digital format defined by user, to perform the construction of vertical distributions, and also to calculate some ecological indexes. The final version of the system is expected to be posted on the official website of Marine Hydrophysical Institute.

About the Authors

V. V. Dolotov
Marine Hydrophysical Institute
Russian Federation

Vyacheslav V. Dolotov


A. V. Dolotov
Marine Hydrophysical Institute
Russian Federation

Andrey V. Dolotov



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Dolotov V.V., Dolotov A.V. Perspectives Of Popularization Of Oceanographic Information Systems Based On Internet. GEOGRAPHY, ENVIRONMENT, SUSTAINABILITY. 2019;12(1):137-145.

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