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The overview of the 20-years joint Russian-German multidisciplinary researches in the Arctic are represented in this article. Data were obtained during numerous marine and terrestrial expeditions, all-year-round measurements and observations. On the basis of modern research methods including satellite observation, radiocarbon (AMS 14C) dating of the Arctic sea sediments, isotope, biochemical and other methods, the new unique records were obtained. Special emphasis devoted to the latest data concerning modern sea-ice, ocean and sedimentation processes, evolution of the permafrost and paleoenvironments in the Laptev Sea System.

About the Authors

Yelena Polyakova

Russian Federation
Faculty of Geography, Lomonosov Moscow State University

Heidemarie Kassens

Leibniz Institute of Marine Geosciences, Kiel University

Jörn Thiede

German Academy of Sciences, Humanities and Literature/Faculty of Geography, St.-Petersburg State University

Alexander Lisitzin

Russian Federation
P.P.Shirshov Institute of Oceanology, RAS

Ivan Frolov

Russian Federation
Arctic and Antarctic Research Institute

Leonid Timokhov

Russian Federation
Arctic and Antarctic Research Institute

Henning Bauch

Leibniz Institute of Marine Geosciences, Kiel University (IFM-GEOMAR)/German Academy of Sciences, Humanities and Literature

Igor Dmitrenko

Russian Federation
Leibniz Institute of Marine Geosciences, Kiel University (IFM-GEOMAR)

Dorothea Bauch

Russian Federation
Leibniz Institute of Marine Geosciences, Kiel University (IFM-GEOMAR)


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Polyakova Y., Kassens H., Thiede J., Lisitzin A., Frolov I., Timokhov L., Bauch H., Dmitrenko I., Bauch D. RUSSIAN-GERMAN COLLABORATION IN THE ARCTIC ENVIRONMENTAL RESEARCH. GEOGRAPHY, ENVIRONMENT, SUSTAINABILITY. 2011;4(3):85-113.

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